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Children's calendars and music. Did you google these terms? Or just calendars and children, that is to say both terms but not music? However: You are perfect here, whether it's about children + music + calendars, but as well if the subject is just children's calendars. Why is that so? Because "children's music calendars" are calendars for kids too. However, just for the subject of music. Probably you haven't filled in calendars, music and teens into the search bar on Google. If so, this hit – you here – would be a real accidental success. Stop it, please stop that now? Okay, the calendar offer is not as chaotic as the introduction on this page of our website. By the way: Click here to get directly to the summary with all 33 children's music calendars in European format style, which is poster format style.


Especially for teens and young adults the music calendars at "Bach 4 You", the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House are really cool, because you can mount Beethoven, plus Mozart, Bach and Co. on the wall of a kid's room, without student classmates and best friends finding such a thing really uncool. Welcome to one of the websites of the publishing house "Bach 4 You". If you are already determined, to decide right now, or if you are – like every once in a while – too late in the year (again), than you get to the shop here, with just one click. Or via the hint further down this page.


Children's calendars in the subject of music at "Bach 4 You": It starts on the left for the still very little ones, the next calendar in the middle addresses the age group 4 years and older plus there is a suggestion for all young musicians and music fans between 13 and 19 years on the right. Welcome – as a general rule – parents, grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and teachers as well, in particular very welcome all music teachers, too. But this welcome is valid of course for you too (...if you are none of those above, and... ) if you have found your way to this page here. Or for you, if you are a kid, a student or an apprentice or if you already have a real job!

The Emoji calendar: children's calendars and children's music calendars. First of all there is a question: Until which age are children actually still children? Until 12? So after that, they are teens or juveniles? However. You are here, whether you are looking for a calendar for a ten-year-old, or for a sixteen-year-old or for a four-year-old child or for a five-year-old. Or you are here because you want such a calendar for your room, to give it away as a gift. Here – in the picture above – you see the fourth calendar proposal on this website.   


This Page of Our Website Is for Entertainment Only. If You Are In a Hurry, You Find a "Manual"  Via the Navigation on the Right


33 children's calendars related to the subject of music: Here are all of them and you discover, where you find the 12 calendar pages of each design, where you find out how much all those calendars cost and how to order such a children's music calendar: In a little "manual".


What do we mean? On this very first page of our website everything is about entertainment. Pics with cute little children making music change to front pages and inside calendar pages of our offer. If you have enough time, stay here and you are welcome to our "World of Music Calendars" ( ...yes, there are music calendars for grown-ups too). If you are in a hurry – of just need a gift and you need it now – click here: No text, no pics of cute kids: Just a summary. Promise! Here you get to the shop again.


If You Think, A Grid Is a Must-Have in a Children's Music Calendar


Yes, we have those music calendars for children with a grid, too … learn more. 


What You Always Wanted to Know About Children's Calendars But Never Dared to Ask


What we should mention right away: Do not take the text and my entertainment on this first page of this special website too seriously. You and we: We found one another already and without reading much you get to a summary here right away. However: If you like the style of this writing, then just go on reading here. Enjoy.


Firstly there is the question of all questions: Can Wikipedia help with the subject and term of "children's calendars"? Of course, Wikipedia can, there is a wiki. But after clicking there, you will be on your own. It's in German. In Germany – probably you need a translation software to read ( ...but it's for that paragraph only, promise) – there once even was a Christian Children's Calendar. However: There is a wiki. This German calendar was first published in 1947 and that was in the back then GDR, in Germany they called that eastern part of Germany DDR. The part of Germany behind the iron curtain. It was published by the back then Wartburg Publishing House. Every year there was a "year motto". After that year motto followed riddles, fairy tales, legends and stories. Plus poems, biographies and parlor games. The number of copies in 1959: As many as proud 40,000. Children were even writing to the publisher back then: More than 1,000 letters and postcards every year ( ...not a single mail back then). From 1963 this Christian Children's Calendar was published by St. Benno Publishing House Leipzig and 1996 it appeared for the last time. If you speak German or use Google translation you may discover more about this Christian Children's calendar ( ...the link again): Directly on Wikipedia. If you neither speak any German nor find, it is that important to know, hop with us to the next paragraph: No more Germans stuff on this page. Promise! By the way: There is no wiki for our research with "children's calendars" in English language. At least not on page 1.


The music calendar with the cute little animal-musicians.


This children's calendar almost looks like the one above. What do we mean? The children's music calendar above is not yet painted. This is the one that children can color on their own. After that it's the really ultimate, cool Christmas gift for both grandma and grandpa. 


Is there such a thing like a true children's calendar publishing house? That is to say a publishing company, which offers children's calendars only, like "Bach 4 You" offers nothing but music calendars? Our research leads to a clear "No".


Which Special Children's Calendars Are There and How Do You Find Them Without Endless Searching? 

Right now, you don't have to search anymore, that is what we did for you. Actually you are on the finishing line. And here is the result: First we hop to Google and hit in the keyword "children's calendars". For your convenience just hit the link and you are on the perfect page: You will find Winnie-the-Pooh plus as many as 100 more pages with suggestions. 


Children's calendars for the littlest future music fans. Four pics = four designs = four children's calendars. Added up these 4 calendars are 48cute motives. That is to say here! You can easily discover all the monthly pages in the shop. Click on the link here. Choose the right calendar category in the shop. Search for the children's calendar of your choice. Click on it. Scroll down: There they are. 


Nope, for these three cool teens a children's calendar would be really uncool. However: Because there is no such thing like a teen calendar, the calendars which match this age group, are just featured in both categories of the Renate Bach Publishing House offer: In the music calendar section ( ...that is to say for grown-ups) and just: ...with the children's calendars. Essence is, we found one another on the internet. Isn't that true?


Some Publishing Houses Provide Fun, when You Search for a Children's Calendar. Except, You Search for a Children's Calendar Related to the Subject of Music

We look for an offer with the keyword of "children's calendars" at the retailer that is number one to go for many surfers meanwhile: Amazon ( you get to their first page). On Amazon you will find a specific section and "calendars for children" are called "children's calendars" there. It is a total of 20 pages, while on , which is Amazon in Germany, there are 75 pages. Are you in the mood now to "make" a trip to Germany and to discover some of these European format style calendars? By the way: All calendars that are published by "Bach 4 You" are in this particular and special European format style, which is poster format style too. It's more of a decoration for a home, an office or a waiting area. It's really not the place, where you write on birthdays, anniversaries or doctor's appointments. 


"Die Gitarre in der Hand, der Kinderkalender an der Wand." This sentence on the German sister website even rhymes. Let's check in English: "The guitar in his hand, the children's calendar on the wall": not even close. But seriously: 33 children's calendars to choose from... – that means, every father, every mother and all grandparents as well, will find a design, which they really love. Or, even cooler: Why don't you choose one design together with your kids? In every age plays a role, that any calendar is not supposed to be uncool. However, if it's uncool... – you disgrace yourself with a visit of best friends or even worse, with your boyfriend or your girlfriend. To the shop.


Did you fall in love currently and the one your heart beats for loves music? Then this calendar is the perfect gift. Just 12 combinations of hearts and music. So, this is not really a children's calendar. But it's the ultimate gift for Valentin's Day, too. You could buy it in late fall and then hide it for several weeks. A hint: Remember the place where you put it, make a note in your smartphone calendar. Then you won't be in trouble on this very special day. 


Publishing Houses Offer Children's Calendars: Our Choice of Ten Calendar Companies


Sure... to make it clear from the beginning, so you can decide. You may hop directly to Barns & Noble. Or to Or to AbeBooks. At all these locations you can poke around in the matter of children's music calendars to perfection. However: We – together – want to discover the offer of the publishing houses directly. Correct? Correct! So, just two more pics and off we go to the calendar publishing houses after all. 


A children's music calendar as well which you might give to teens as a present. However: Do not call it "children's music calendar". How nice it would be, if there was a term like "juvenile's music calendars". Than this calendar above would be the perfect calendar in this category. Why don't you have a look at the monthly pages? The 12 monthly pages of this "children's music calendar" and all the others? In our shop. In our shop "Bach 4 You" in the Renate Bach Publishing House?


Just a reminder … learn more.  


It's hard to imagine: If one of these mice becomes a classical music fan later, then he or she - roughly estimated - can order a different music calendar from the publishing house "Bach 4 You" every year up to the age of 105. The only question that remains is whether life expectancy will have increased so much in 99 years that the Renate Bach publishing house will simply "run out" of ideas and designs on the subject of music on a calendar... namely to the topics composer calendar, music calendar, Bach calendar and just ... Children's calendars with background music.  


Let Us Start the Research: The Calendar Offer of Calendar Publishing Houses 


Let's check on the most successful calendar Publishing Companies when it comes to rank on Google. BrownTrout Publishers – The Calendar Company are on position 1. Let us click on result number one. Impressing gigantic pictures on their website and of course there is a search bar. We hit in "children's calendars" first. Bingo: All kinds of animals and cute little animals, such as kitten, puppies and dachshunds ( dachshund puppies). Yes, you may consider these calendars perfect for children. However, in our search it's not what we wanted.


Next is "Andrews McMeel Publishing", number 2 in the ranking on Google page one. Let's go there. Impressing first page and many, many section to choose from. What are we going to do? Yes, hitting "children's calendars" – which is not listed as an option on the left side – into the search bar. and yes, we found our first result in that paragraph. It's an Anne Geddes Wall Calendar. However, this calendar shows nice impressions of flowers with cute children in the bulbs. It's a calendar with children instead of a calendar with content for children. I guess that it's not necessary, when just one calendar shows up to try to add "music", the result actually must be zero.


Number 3 is "Zebra Publishing Corporation", what a funny and interesting name. There have to be at least a few children calendars. Let's check. You know what we do. So we wait and with in milliseconds there first page shows up. Impressing and all calendars which change all few seconds are well arranged and invite exploring more. Next step, like always? Okay, let's do it. Well, I got no result at all. So better you try on your own. Maybe the world's biggest variety of children's calendar is hidden here, and I am just to dumb to get it.


Yes, exactly: As cool as these sun glasses of the kids in the pic above are, the music calendar for kids is supposed to be for that age class. However, to call such a calendar a children's calendar: Who would suggest such a thing?


Yessss! This is how you can mount "Beethoven, Mozart and colleagues" on a wall of a child's bedroom, without any embarrassment. We guess, even teens would like it. Everything else, for instance historic oil paintings of composers, is just no option.


No. 4: Wow, what an address on the internet market. It's ""!. The company's name is Sellers Publishing Inc. We try it again: Looks good. We try harder with our wish keyword and wait what happens: Hurrah, hurrah. There is a huge amount of children's calendars. It's actually 179 calendars and actually all of them are wall calendars. The prices are moderate and now we check on two details: Number one is, are most of them 50:50 format calendars and number two: Are there music children's calendars as we actually are on the hunt for those, not just for children's calendars. Result number one: I checked a few of them and either it's not shown or you can tell it's a 50:50 format calendar, which is indicated by the fact, that there's no calendar in the picture, so it has to be somewhere then. Number 2: we include the term of music, but the search result doesn't show any music related kid's calendars. So we try music only. 1,576 results and there are some getting really close to the theme what we offer related to the subject of music. However: many seem to be more like a kitchen calendar with a huge portion to write in dates and appointments. We went down the pages and a little disappointment starts at page 3 already, when we figure out that many proposals have nothing to do with music at all.


Result 5 is Workman Publishing: They publish calendars and books for more than 40 years and they are located in New York, N.Y.! We navigate to the calendar section with a click. Already after that kitten and puppies look at you and is there a better theme than cute little animals for children. Actually may be: Music? Music! But what can't we find: a search bar. So we are trapped here and actually who would be in the mood to click through all results to find children's calendars or even children's music calendars. Keep in mind, that might have changed when you read these lines.


The Printing Center USA is next and number 6, and we hop there: Nope this is no calendar publishing company, but a calendar printing company.Sorry, folks.


So we try again to get a result as number 6: "TF Publishing" – ...what a great page, and we try "children's calendars"...  – ...puppies and kitten are among the pics. There is a search bar, you know the procedure meanwhile. Result is, it did not yield any results. Disappointment. Should we add "Music"? A nice "South of the Border" calendar shows up. So, if you just imagine a Mariachi band making music while looking at the really beautiful pics than it's truly a music calendar. But...?!? Check this offer if it's later than May 2016, the products might have changed. We made through page one and click on page two.


Position one on page 2 is the Calendar Company ( ...our position 7 in the top ten children's music calendars ranking). Let's check their offer. We go "wall calendars" ...and find the search offer. Yeah, yeah... – there's one calendar offer for children and the calendar title page in May 2016 is how you lift heavy stuff. Perfect to advice children who never care about a back pain problem, coming up as far as in a decade or two. We go back and try "music" but there is no such thing like a music wall calendar. Should we go on and try Children's music calendar? I don't think so.


Calendar Publishing Company number 8 is Amber Lotus Publishing. Their website looks very stylish, I like it. After filling in "children's calendars" in the search bar I believe I am not at the right place for what we are looking for together. Just one more trial, this time with "music": two results only. However, that might change in the future. Worth a visit? Hm, I don't know, please decide on your own.


The last but one is number 9 in our ranking is "The Creative Arts Publishing Company" with a inviting website. It's really unbelievable what quality the photos display. Visit this company, whether you are hunting for children's calendars or not. Larry Buron really knows how to take impressing photos! So I don't want to blame them, that there is no result at all, neither for children's calendars, no for music. It's just the wrong place to search for such. It's – on the other hand – the very place for lovers of nature plus really great photography. My best recommendation. 


The last is No. 10 of 10 calendar publishing companies: To be very honest with you, I have a really hard time to check out a number 10 which provides at least close to what we search for. So I guess, we have to be happy with introducing the "children's calendars" offer of just 9 calendar publishing companies as well as the "music calendar offer" of these nine too.


However, let others do that job and I strongly recommend: Hop to Amazon. Although they mix different stuff like an alarm clock, a birthday book and a "Married with children" calendar", it's a variety of 39,802 results to choose from. Not a bad source if you compare it to the results of all the calendar publishing companies in the paragraphs before. A last check should be, if we combine "children's calendars" and "music" and the winner is "I love you", poetry for children – ...well poetry seems to be close to music to me. So we exchange one word: "children's calendars music" will turn to "children's music calendars" and there is "Maestro classics" on position 1. Well... – aside of the fact, that I didn't figure out "sponsored" on first sight, plus it's a book too. The following results: Not rewarding.


Final result and recommendation: You will have a hard time to find children's music calendars in European format, that is to say poster format on the internet. Not even on Amazon. But it's simple on the pages of the Renate Bach Publishing House, respectively the "Bach 4 You" shop.


Yes, they do accept – without any grumbling – to be children. Fort those dwarfs the cutest of our children's music calendars are put together: Two of these children's calendars is what we present directly here ( pics). So, you don't have to click now anywhere.


And one more children's music calendar for still very small future Mozarts: Cute music instruments.


So, isn't this a picture in a perfect size? Children's music calendars for the very littlest. The theme: It's much easier to listen to music compared to perform music on your own.


So, because the size of the last picture was so great, here is a children's music calendar in the big format again. Little lovers of Panda bears plus – at the same time – children interested in music that early find their ultimate wall decoration with this calendar. The target group however seems to be manageable ... remember: Don't take this text here too serious and even better: Don't do that with this whole page. How nice, you are still around and – with a shaking of your head here and there – you hopefully have smiled one time or another. Again to the shop?


So Much Information Around Children's Music Calendars. What's Actually Is It Good For? 


We wanted to meet you on the internet. With our offer in the matter of "children's calendars", better children's calendars in a combination with the theme of music. We wanted, like in school, rise or hand – well, what do I say, the whole arm – when you shout "children's calendar" out into the web. That is why we want to do more, we want to try harder, and we want to be faster. Why is that? Because our calendars – the music calendars and the music calendars for children – actually are "only" a means to an end. We want to accompany young folks in our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" really carefully in the direction to classical music. Especially this is true for children. Plus we want to do that on a high pedagogical standard. Just visit "" for teens and grown-ups and please visit the exciting and funny website "" for students, little kids, and older kids as well. Plus we want to create a record with this website page: It is – for sure – the largest page on the internet related to the subject of: Children's music calendars, children's music calendars... – nothing but children's music calendars.


Correct: The early bird ...


Music calendars and more music calendars for children. However, is there an exception again? Yes, it is. Actually, yes actually this is no children's calendar at all, even if it is related to the theme of music. But ... wouldn't it be a perfect small, affordable gift for your kids to hand to their "mommy of the day" on a very special day in May?


There Are Also Music Calendars for Really Grown-up Music Fans

Two music calendars, none of them for children. On the left is one of the 33 composer calendars, on the right is one of the most exciting calendars of "Bach 4 You" ever: the pipe organ calendar. All calendars are available in 3 sizes. And 2020 and 2021.


On the left it's clear: It is a children's music calendar. On the right side it's clear as well: It is no music calendar for children. To the shop.


Please support our common Bach mission … learn more. 


On the left is the music calendar for older children, for young adults and for really adults. On the right is the Bach T-shirt, a music T-shirt, actually for every age.





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